Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Imke Keyssler

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Imke Keyssler ( Hamburg, Germany)

Imke Keyssler aka Ada Loveshake is a Hamburg based (rare) soul collector and occasional DJ.
She used to be member of the all-female-deejay-collective «45° Degrees Soul Club Hamburg» with a regular Nighter at Molotow Club Hamburg. She's been deejaying at various european weekenders in recent years, such as Stockholm, Barcelona, Bilbao, Dresden, Lucerne and Hamburg. Nowadays she’s part of the mixed styles radio collective ‚Das Draht’ and hosts her own soul radio show every two months at Hamburg.
She loves and plays all styles of soulful music, 60s as well as 70s and a bit of 80s and contemporary recordings - as long as a tune gets her it needs a place in the box!

Ten current and all-time super love sounds (in no particular order)

  1. Ernie Johnson – Disco Music Keep On Going On (BISCUIT)
  2. Gloria Walker – My Precious Love (PEOPLE)
  3. Bonnevilles - I’ll be Right There (NOW RECORDS)
  4. Lee Williams & Cymbals - Girl From A Country Town (RAPDA)
  5. Village Choir - Sweet Hot Lips (N.Y.C. STREET SOUND)
  6. Pazazz - So Hard To Find (IN-ROADS)
  7. Amercian Standard Band - Morning (STARIZON)
  8. Pamooja - Oooh Baby (KEIPER)
  9. Three Prophets - I Think I Really Love You (TOGETHER)
  10. Kitty Doswell - Just A Face in the Crowd (HES)


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