Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Adela Dominguez

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Adela Dominguez ( Madrid, Spain)

Hey Sister Club

Hi! I’m Adela Dominguez, from Asturias, but currently living in Madrid. It’s a real pleasure to have been invited to spin some records on the Deep Cliff Soul weekender. I’ve been collecting records for a while now, mostly jazz, R&B and soul, and lately moving forward to more modern and disco sounds. I had the honour of dj at a bunch of festivals and allnighters, like Someday Allnighter, Mojo Working Festival, EuroYeye, Beltza Weekend to say a few, and also co-organize a couple of young clubs, Hey Sister in Madrid, a club born with the will of boost the presence of women collectors in the scene, and CARBÓN (which means “coal”), a black music oriented night, from soul to house, and all in between. Here it goes my top five:

Mad Mouth Woman - Wayne Carter (Mootrey’s Studio)

Detroit Soul - All of my life (Music Town)

Oooh, Baby - Pamoja (Keiper)

I’m not ready - Ujima (Epic)

Just be yourself - The Pretenders (Carnival)

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