Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Thomas Tesar


Thomas Tesar ( Vienna, Austria)

All the madness started in the year 1987 when I was spending my holidays in England and went to a trip to London. There were these elder  and smart guys in my school. They told me what to buy and where to find it. That´s what I did. I was 14.

And so I bought Kent-Compilations, Mods Mayday, Dance Craze. Suddenly I was addicted with music, especially with Soul-Music. In the beginning of the nineties I discovered Electronic Music, Deep House, Acid Jazz and all their relatives. But Soul, mainly Modern Soul, never went away. Maybe my outfit changed, but the spirit stayed. After deejaying a lot in Vienna during the 90 ´s, mainly with electronic stuff, I started to get more and more in touch with the originals again. And then I started to play these tunes in my sets, even at House Partys - to a crowd which had just slicely to do with Soul-Music. And it worked! Then I started to visit Allniters again. Just to dance to all this great tunes. And still – my greatest passion is to dance! That´s why I´m here. Listening to all that great music, played by all these addicts and dance my shoes off. With the love of my life: „walking in rhythm, movin in sound…“ Ah, and yes, I´m still deejaying in Austria and thankfully I´m also deejaying at Deep Cliffs Soul Weekender 2018…


Making Charts is completely impossible. But to get a notion of what I´ll play:

Theodis Ealey – If you leave me, I´m going witcha (Ichiban)

P.J. Smith – Hold on to it (Shane)

Enchantment – Call on me (Polydor)

Lady Gizelle – Long distance love affair (Dynamic Sound)

Wardell Piper - The Power of love (Midsong International)

William Howard - Come to me (Cat)

Rance Allen Group – I know a man who (Gospel Truth)

Shoni – It must be love (Rav)

Bobbie Roberson – Don´t you leave me (Bolivia)

Garnet Mimms – Somebody, Someplace (GSF)

Chosen Few – I´m alone (Faces)

Detroit Emeralds – Long live the king (Westbound)




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