Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Cassandra Lee

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Cassandra Lee ( New-Orleans Usa)

Southern Gal turned City Slicker: Rural Georgia>NYC>New Orleans. Fell for old R&B two decades ago, officially thanks to now-local legend of Athens, GA, Kurt Wood, his college station radio show "Who Put the Bomp," house consisting of walls of 45s and Roy Lee Johnson's 'Busybody' and Rosco Gordon's 'Love for you Baby.' Nights: NYC: Switched On! * Smashed!Blocked! * Debutante's Ball * Subway Soul Club * New Orleans: Boogie Real Low * DeftFunk AllOver: ATL's Rhythm n' Booze, Mod Chicago, NC's Federal Soul. Lookin' forward to a down home set of home-turf inspired Southern Soul to nurse hangovers and get folks ready for THE CRUISE around the beautiful coastline of Portugal.

#NorthernSoul #funk #raresoul #deepsoul #crossover #modernsoul

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