Deep Cliffs Weekender 2017 Tomas McGrath

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Tomas, 25 year old Londoner. Likes Soul, Funk and Disco music. Co-founder of Inner City Soul and Pork & Beans and current resident at the 100 Club 6ts Allnighters in London. Has not been to Portugal for a long time - so looking forward to returning!Favourite colour is navy blue. Enjoys a good vintage Port and custard tarts.

Ten Current Plays:

The Honey B's - "What Love Can Do" (B's Wax)

Kelly & The Soul Explosions - "Talking About My Baby's Love" (Dynamite)

Bonnie Blanchard - "You're The Only One" (C.R.S.)

The Underground Express - "I Never Found A Girl (To Love Me The Way You Do)" (U.G.E.)

Luther Davis Group - "You Can Be A Star" (Life Time)

JT Rhythm - "All I Want Is You" (Palmer)

The Montclairs - "Hey You! Don't Fight It" (Arch)

The Soul Injection - "Stay Off The Moon" (Accent)

Johnny McCall - "I Need You" (Alteen)

Lucy Stone - "Giving Love Instead of Gold" (Fire Mountain)

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