Deep Cliffs Weekender 2017 Jules Barsoulona



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 Very happy to return to attend this second edition of the Deep Cliffs Soul Weekender and to be able to select some 45's for the occasion. Many of you already know me, others not so much. I'm from Barcelona, I started collecting records when I met the mod scene in the late 90's. In recent years I have specialized in collecting 45's of rare soul, which is basically what I'm going to play this Deep Cliffs Soul Weekender. I really want to surround myself with good friends, listen to good music, and also to taste good local food, as it was last year. Counting the days to fly to the Algarve and its fantastic beaches. See you there!!

Top 10

The Appreciations: It’s Better To Cry (SPORT)

The Montclairs: Hey You! Don’t Fight It (ARCH)

The Saints: I’ll Let You Slide (WIGWAM)

The Soul Injection: Stay Off The Moon (ACCENT)

Waymond Hall: What Will Tomorrow Bring (JAMAL)

Damn Sam: The Miracle Man (TAYSTER)

Kelly & The Soul Explosions: Talking About My Baby’s Love (DYNAMITE)

Paul Burton: So Very Hard To Make It (MUSIC-GO-ROUND)

Patterson Twins: I Need Your Love (MALACO)

Sex: It’s You (SUPER CITY)

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