Deep Cliffs Weekender 2017 Jordi Duro

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From Barcelona, Spain . The Boiler

Hi, my name is Jordi and, together with Cristina, i’ve been running the Boiler Club in Barcelona for well over a decade. I’ve been fortunate to play my records all over Europe, both in clubs and in festivals. I’ve also comped a few LPs, the last one being ‘Tremblin’’. I must confess that i get a big kick designing the covers, which is my trade. I usually mix lesser known tracks with a couple of the big ones that got us hooked in the first place. Yep, the hits that no one seems to spin anymore. I hope i don’t get sick on the boat.

Today‘s top ten.

Ascots- She did

Gay Poppers - I want to Know

Cherokees - Uprisin’

Alan Swain - Don‘t stop

Young Jessie- Mary Lou (Mercury)

Tempting ones - Watch me now

the Shardells- Black Crack

Ricky Dee - I'm gonna make her mine

The Groupies - Primitive

The Henchmen - Livin'

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