Deep Cliffs Weekender 2017 James Pogson

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Symphonical Records

Hailing from the Scunthorpe riveira, I've found myself in London for the past several years collecting colourful 70s & 80s sounds and trying my hand at putting on a few club nights too. Currently piecing a few things together for my label Symphonical Records which, still in it's infancy, releases unissued material from back in the day, whilst doing the odd DJ gig and co-promoting 'Reel To Reel', a disco club in Barcelona.

Grateful to be back on the sunny coast of Portugal, a few tunes I'll bring are:

Jax Transit Authority - Life Is A Miracle (own label)

Upheaval - Paradise Lost (Love)

Heem The Music Monsters - Wake Up People (Blood Leaf)

Latrell - My Little Darlin' (Family Groove)

Ledgends - A Fool For You (Red Balloon)

L.A. - The Doctor (Orange Mound)

The Intentions - Dig It (Tiki)

Allison - Who's #1, Who's #2 (Ansap)

Soulfull Strutters - Let Your Feelings Go (Strut)

Love, Warmth & Affection - Talking 'Bout Love (Weekend)

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