Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Brian Poust

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Brian Poust ( Atlanta, U.S.A) Soul Force Recs

Brian Poust hails from San Antonio Texas by way of Atlanta Georgia. With nearly 25 years experience DJing in the United States and Mexico, the Deep Cliffs Soul Weekender will be his second time DJing in Europe, following two Spanish gigs in 2012. Brian has researched Soul music from the state of Georgia since the 1990s, with a published article in Oxford American magazine as well as lending his expertise to Now-Again's Richard Marks anthology "Never Satisfied" (2014) and Numero Group's compilation "Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels" (2008).

Current top 10 with no consideration to style:

  1. John Attina - Reconsider Me (Encore)
  2. Johnny Benavidez - Tell Me That You Love Me (Stylart)
  3. The Bishop - Mini-Skirt Minnie (Lou-Neita)
  4. The Decisions - Really Do Love You (York)
  5. Barbara Hall - Big Man (Tuska)
  6. Esteban Jordan - Pa Chismoso Tu (Falcon)
  7. Daniel Madison - Funky Popcorn (Transnational)
  8. Neto Perez and The Originals - TCB Or TYA (Capri)
  9. Star Quake - Don't You Know I Love You (Merit)
  10. Joe Willis and the Mighty Invaders - Baby You Got It (Greenwood)



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