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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Alberto Folpower Zanini


Alberto Folpower Zanini (Carpi, Italy) Cannonball Recs


I started my soulful journey as a young mod sometime around the early eighties. When I heard Bobby Sheen’s “Doctor Love” for the first time I realized there was no turning back, and began collecting rare american soul music on 45rpm vinyl full-stop. Since back then I have been a regular at many venues in the mod and scooter scenes. I love all kinds of black sounds with a high-rate heartbeat for the funky edged and the modern stuff. I run once a year the Cannonball Soul Weekender and a little record label, Cannonball Records. I have been deejaying in the States, Uk, Europe and Russia and I thank Laurent big time for linin'me up for Deep Cliffs.

top 10:

1. Originals - Young Train (Motown)

2. Silver Trumpeteers - Understanding (Calvary)

3. Sensational Five - It’s Hard Out There (Sagport)

4. Hank Johnson - You Lost Your Thing (Spear)

5. Beginning of The End - Come Down Baby (Alston)

6. Starfire - Out Of The Ghetto (Dynamic Artists)

7. Cliff Curry - Let Love Come In (Cannonball)

8. Aged in Harmony - Dance Awhile (Mor-Tones)

9. Rising Sun - You never too old to learn (Kingston)

10. Skullsnaps - The World (TP)


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