Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Agustin Elagus


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Agustin Elagus ( Madrid, Spain)

"Hi!. I'm Agustin. Will be spinning by best records for you at the afternoon sessions this year at Deep Cliffs. Thanks to Laurent and Insa for organizing this wonderful weekender.

My current top 5 (and some other mixes if you fancy):
NEW HOLIDAYS - Maybe So Maybe No - Westbound
INTERNATIONALS - Too Sweet To Be Lonely - D'ar
SKULL SNAPS - Didn't I Do It To You - Gsf
E. RODNEY JONES - Peace Of Mind - Tuff
FOUR REAL, INC. - The Man (master Plan) - Flying Eagles


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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Paula Carrillo

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Paula Carrillo ( Los-Angeles, U.S.A)

Porgy & the Monarchs - That's My Girl

Ann Haywood - Crook His Little Finger

Alice Clark - You Hit Me

Charlene & the Soul Serenades - Love Changes

Frances Nero - Keep On Loving Me

Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 João Tenreiro

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João Tenreiro ( Porto, Portugal)

I started collecting records for about 8 years now. At first i was mainly into late 80s and early 90s house music from Chicago, New Jersey and Detroit where i played weekly in big clubs in Portugal. My obsession to dig deeper then led me to world music of all sorts from a lot of Latin and African countries ( Nigeria mainly ). At this time i had two monthly nights where i played all this stuff across the board in Lisbon and Porto. For the past two years my passion for soul music grew much bigger and since then i have been buying and collecting mainly sweet, crossover and modern soul. I currently have a monthly night at Cafe Au Lait (Porto) where i have been spinning all my soul 45s with an occasional event in other places. Since i was a very young kid i learned to appreciate soul music because of my dad. He has been collecting records for a long time now and had these compilations he did for a monthly night of his (Dancin Days) which i used to listen daily on repeat mode. Never would i imagine after 15 years i would be doing the same.

5 in the bag for Deep Cliffs :

The Deceptions - Of All The Hearts

Shades Of Brown ‎– How Could You Love Him

The Si-berians - This Is The Ending Of Our Love

Satagans - Lovers To Friends

Fourth Session - She's Gone

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Cristina Alonso

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If good taste lies on variety, Cristina is an explosion of rich flavours. Our guest is one of the most eclectic and requested DJs: 60s and 70s soul, rhythm and blues, latin grooves... together or not, are the main ingredients of her recipe. She’s proved her versatility by djing a lot of parties all around the globe but also localy in Barcelona by combining her residency at THE BOILER rhythm & soul club and at MOVIN’ ON soul club, both clubs of which she’s co-promoter.

some records Cristina wil have with her for Deep Cliffs :

EVINHA - Esperar pra ver - Odeon

BLACK STASH - Mighty Love Man Part 1 - Sevilla

CURTIS, THE BROTHERS - You Make Everything Better - Bell

RICHARD ROGERS - Can't Stop Loving You - Sam

SHARON REDD - Can you handle it - Prelude

Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Sallie Reynolds


Sallie Reynolds ( Bornemouth, U.K)

Sallie Reynolds DJ and promoter has a life long love of soul music in all it’s many guises. She first got her soul fix at the local youth club before venturing further afield in her quest to hear new tunes. In the mid-70s the underground allnighter scene beckoned and she became hooked, travelling all over the UK. Sallie has promoted a number of events in London, Southampton and more recently Soul in the South allnighters in Bournemouth. She is a member of the Lost Soul DJ crew in the town. Nowadays she can be found spinning tunes around the UK and Europe. Sallie’s style is eclectic and her raw passion shines through in each set she plays.


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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Christophe Imbert

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Christophe Imbert Double Cookin' Barcelona, Spain

My name is Christophe aka Tof, French national living in Barcelona. I started collecting and djing 60s soul & R&B in the early 2000s in France, running regular nights in Lyon and Bordeaux for almost 10 years. Then moved to sunny Barcelona and since I’m co-hosting a little club with my mate Fonsoul, named Double Cookin´. Over the years, I had the chance to spin records in various places over Europe and US (Paris, London, Helsinki, Cleveland, Chicago, Lyon,…) and also in our local clubs (Boiler, Movin´On, Take Ivy, WambaBuluba…). First time in Portugal and really excited to share desks with such a great lineup of djs.
Musically, my background is mod sounds and R&B and this is what I´m mainly collecting/playing today. But considering me an openminded person, I like many different styles from early 50s to late 70s, including R&B, jazz, deep funk, gospel, latin, JA,…and of course SOUL, any kind… So you can expect an eclectic/over-the-board set, perhaps a bit more deep for the alldayer than my usual night stuff.
Here 5 tunes I will certainly carry on with me for Deep Cliffs:
- Eunice Collins – At the Hotel (Mod-Art)
- Reggie Saddler Revue feat. Richie Shade – Just Wait and See (Aquarius)
- Super Grupo – El Gheto (Odeon)
- Bro Roberts – Alcohol pt.1 (Jo Ann)
- The Little Rock Coachmen – I Had Enough (MY)
Never been really productive on making mix and so on but you can check here few things on my Mixcloud page and an old JesterWild Show from me.

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Fernando Alvarez

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Fernando Alvarez (Leon Spain)

Hi, my name is Fernando, aka Fer 00-Soul.
47 years old outside but I stopped at 22 within my spirit, so 25 of difference mentally...
Living in the city of Leon in the cold north of Spain, but always traveling due to my job.
I have been collecting black sounds for more than 30 years and have been evolving from “only 60s mod sounding” to everything that makes my heart beating and my feet moving.
I used to be DJing (but no so much in the late 10 years due to paternity) all through Spain.
In these days I could play any black sound from 50s till now, but I always prefer those late 60s and first 70s sounds to be spun on decks.

My Top 10+1 current spins (and some more):
Johnny Bartel - If this isn’t love - Solid State
Betty Lloyd - I’m catching on - BSC
Zu Zu Blues Band - Zu zu man - A&M
John Bowie - You’re gonna miss a good thing - Merben
Headliners - Little sister - Super M
Jimmie Ellis - Happy to be - Century City
Soul City - Cold hearted blues - Goodtime
Terry Callier - Look at me now - Cadet
Betty Turner - The winds kept laughing - Crescent
Jon Lucien - Do you believe in me - RCA ep
Gospel Comforters - Yes god is real - Marcs

I know I’m going to have a great time with all of you in the sunny and beautiful Portuguese coast (com um bom prato de bacalhau a Brás e muita cerveja).
Here you have my Mixcloud channel if you want to hear some homemade mixes from me.


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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Tim Smithers

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Tim Smithers ( Bournemouth, U.K)

from south of England , started collecting soul and funk 45s from the age of 15, frequented the 6 hr coach journey to Wigan and was the roadie lol for Nik Mak's Yate allnighters , started djing in the 90s playing a mix of all things soulful , have had the privilege to Dj at the KIngs Hall , Winsor suite , soulfunktion and many event all over Europe, as well as helping run a successful local event for 10 years, always trying to find and play something a little bit different ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Frisco Singers / Ain't no sun since you've been gone

Bill Web / Lord I'm getting tired

Buddy Conner / When you're alone

Sam Williams / Love slipped through my fingers

Ralph Weeks / Let me do my thing


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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Barbara Lucia Grassi


Barbara Lucia Grassi ( genova, Italy)

Black Trefoil Soul Club Genova

After getting in contact with Soul and RnB via the italian Mod scene, Barbara has been taking an active part on the italian Soul scene for about twenty years now.

After a djing experience for the Soul Connection, founded by Carlo Campaiola, she became resident DJ  of the Leaning Tower Soul Club and  took over the promotion of the Black Trefoil Soul Club of Genoa, which  will celebrate its 33rd Anniversary in May.
During the last years she attended both as a DJ and as a punter at quite a few of the main European Soul events.

Musical taste is across the board, here’s ten records you may hear from her:
Celest Hardie – You’re Gone – Reynolds
Vanguards – Good Times Bad Times - Lamp
The Hamilton Movement – She’s Gone – Look Out
The Jokers - Soul Sound - Sko-Field
Ruby – Deceived – Gold Token
Cleveland Robinson Jr. – Love Is A Trap - Nosnibor 
Eula Cooper ‎– Try – Tragar
The New Group ‎– Love Can't Be Modernized - Gemini
Cynthia & The Imaginary Three - That’s what I am – Big Hit
Unique Blend – Yes I’m In Love - Eas

Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Tolbert

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Tolbert ( Hamburg, Germany)

Hamburg Soul Alldayer

Socialized in the early 80’s as a punk and skinhead, Tolbert was drifting more and more to the soul and funk thang at the end of the decade. His is first Soul-DJ gigs in Kiel at the legendary Pump Funk were a freak out. In Hamburg he started the Rare Pleasure Soul Club and is the host of the Hamburg Soul Alldayer. Tolbert’s focus is on 70’s Soul, but he also loves some northern rammtammtamm. 

Some songs that I like to play, not really a Top Ten:

Barbara Lynn: Mellow Feeling

Bobby McClure: High Heel Shoes

Luther Davis Group: You Can Be A Star

Darrow Fletcher: Secret Weapon

Milton Wright: Leave Me Alone

The Now Generation: People Make The World Go Round

Sons Of Kingdom: This Is My Story

Willie Tee: concentrate

D. Watson: What’s On Your Mind

Breanda Jones: Big Mistake