Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Barbara Lucia Grassi


Barbara Lucia Grassi ( genova, Italy)

Black Trefoil Soul Club Genova

After getting in contact with Soul and RnB via the italian Mod scene, Barbara has been taking an active part on the italian Soul scene for about twenty years now.

After a djing experience for the Soul Connection, founded by Carlo Campaiola, she became resident DJ  of the Leaning Tower Soul Club and  took over the promotion of the Black Trefoil Soul Club of Genoa, which  will celebrate its 33rd Anniversary in May.
During the last years she attended both as a DJ and as a punter at quite a few of the main European Soul events.

Musical taste is across the board, here’s ten records you may hear from her:
Celest Hardie – You’re Gone – Reynolds
Vanguards – Good Times Bad Times - Lamp
The Hamilton Movement – She’s Gone – Look Out
The Jokers - Soul Sound - Sko-Field
Ruby – Deceived – Gold Token
Cleveland Robinson Jr. – Love Is A Trap - Nosnibor 
Eula Cooper ‎– Try – Tragar
The New Group ‎– Love Can't Be Modernized - Gemini
Cynthia & The Imaginary Three - That’s what I am – Big Hit
Unique Blend – Yes I’m In Love - Eas

Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Tolbert

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Tolbert ( Hamburg, Germany)

Hamburg Soul Alldayer

Socialized in the early 80’s as a punk and skinhead, Tolbert was drifting more and more to the soul and funk thang at the end of the decade. His is first Soul-DJ gigs in Kiel at the legendary Pump Funk were a freak out. In Hamburg he started the Rare Pleasure Soul Club and is the host of the Hamburg Soul Alldayer. Tolbert’s focus is on 70’s Soul, but he also loves some northern rammtammtamm. 

Some songs that I like to play, not really a Top Ten:

Barbara Lynn: Mellow Feeling

Bobby McClure: High Heel Shoes

Luther Davis Group: You Can Be A Star

Darrow Fletcher: Secret Weapon

Milton Wright: Leave Me Alone

The Now Generation: People Make The World Go Round

Sons Of Kingdom: This Is My Story

Willie Tee: concentrate

D. Watson: What’s On Your Mind

Breanda Jones: Big Mistake

Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Brad Hales

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Brad Hales ( Detroit, Usa)

People's records 

1) originals - young train
2) continental showstoppers - we’re not too young
3) karmello brooks - tell me baby
4) Jackie Wilson - let George do it
5) exit - detroit leanin
6) Los Ros -Cuéntame Cosas Tuyas
7) four voices - your love is getting stronger
8) John Simmons -ain’t nothing like the love
9) superlatives - won’t you please be my baby
10) Yvonne baker -you didn’t say a word

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Juan Vicente Del Castillo

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Juan V. ( Valencia, Spain)

Hi! my name is Juan V. , been a record collector from my teen days became a black music lover in late eighties, during most of the 1990's i've played in much of the existing mod weekenders at that timeis Spain, that include some in France and England, at the same time started to run a soul weekender in Barcelona, Floorshaker, wich music policy changed trought the years, from mod/northern soul to across the board sounds in the end, like my personal taste, playing as well in several ocasions in other weekends like Soul4Real and Movin´ On, now in Valencia i'm part of the team running Black Music, a club held every two months where we play from 50's R&b to 2YK and beyond. For me will be a pleasure be part os Deep Cliffs Weekender with my humble contribution. Passion is the key.

JV Top ten.

T&T “Something in my mind” (Cobra)

Skip Jackson “I'm on to you girl” (Dot – Mar)

Freddie Terrell “Why not me?” (Capitol)

The Florida Spiritualaires “I remember when” (Ernie's Record Parade)

The Exits “Another sundown in Watts” (Kapp)

Debbie S. “Try my love” (Flaming Arrow)

Bileo “You can win” (M.T.U./Watts City)

Frederick Hymes III “Time ain't gonna do me no favor” (Fab Vegas)

Bill Coday “A man can't be a man” (Epic)

Benjamin & The Right Direction “Light of my life” (Palmetto St. Recording)

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Andrew Christopoulos

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Andrew Christopoulos ( Gran Rapids, Usa)

Gran Rapids Soul Club, Michigan, Usa :

Top 10 45s (all-time, not just current spins):

People’s Choice - Destruction (Wood City)

Harvey Scales - Trying To Survive (Magic Touch)

Timothy McNealy - Sagittarius Black (Shawn)

Tommy McGee - Now That I Have You (TMG)

Garfield Fleming - Don’t Send Me Away (Beckett)

Jerry Blackshear - Defected (Eral)

Johnnie Walker’s X-1 - Thinking Bout Your Love (Hollywood Detroit)

Flowers - For Real (LA Expressio)

Darling Dears - And I Love You (Flower City)

King Wilson - My Love and Yours (WJLS)

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2019 Adela Dominguez

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Adela Dominguez ( Madrid, Spain)

Hey Sister Club

Hi! I’m Adela Dominguez, from Asturias, but currently living in Madrid. It’s a real pleasure to have been invited to spin some records on the Deep Cliff Soul weekender. I’ve been collecting records for a while now, mostly jazz, R&B and soul, and lately moving forward to more modern and disco sounds. I had the honour of dj at a bunch of festivals and allnighters, like Someday Allnighter, Mojo Working Festival, EuroYeye, Beltza Weekend to say a few, and also co-organize a couple of young clubs, Hey Sister in Madrid, a club born with the will of boost the presence of women collectors in the scene, and CARBÓN (which means “coal”), a black music oriented night, from soul to house, and all in between. Here it goes my top five:

Mad Mouth Woman - Wayne Carter (Mootrey’s Studio)

Detroit Soul - All of my life (Music Town)

Oooh, Baby - Pamoja (Keiper)

I’m not ready - Ujima (Epic)

Just be yourself - The Pretenders (Carnival)

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Cassandra Lee

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Cassandra Lee ( New-Orleans Usa)

Southern Gal turned City Slicker: Rural Georgia>NYC>New Orleans. Fell for old R&B two decades ago, officially thanks to now-local legend of Athens, GA, Kurt Wood, his college station radio show "Who Put the Bomp," house consisting of walls of 45s and Roy Lee Johnson's 'Busybody' and Rosco Gordon's 'Love for you Baby.' Nights: NYC: Switched On! * Smashed!Blocked! * Debutante's Ball * Subway Soul Club * New Orleans: Boogie Real Low * DeftFunk AllOver: ATL's Rhythm n' Booze, Mod Chicago, NC's Federal Soul. Lookin' forward to a down home set of home-turf inspired Southern Soul to nurse hangovers and get folks ready for THE CRUISE around the beautiful coastline of Portugal.

Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Hector Gallegos

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Hector Gallegos – San Antonio, Texas, Usa   

Hector Gallegos is a San Antonio, TX based dj that enjoys collecting Chicano, Sweet Soul and Latin records.  

He began collecting vinyl records in high school, mostly punk and indie records. Through other dj friends he was introduced to rare soul and funk records. Intrigued by the Chicano artists, he pursued to learn about them and collect artists recorded on local record labels. Through collecting and trading he met other like-minded djs in the city and joined several vinyl nights. Including one called Alamo City Soul Club; a vinyl night dedicated to the rare soul and funk. Besides heading this monthly event, he has hosted musical acts such as Archie Bell, Ernie Garibay, Durand Jones and the Indications and Los Skarnales.

Top ten records in heavy rotation

  1. Jason Joshua and the Beholders – Rose Gold        
  2. Webs – Little Girl Blue
  3. The Cold Four – Love and Care
  4. The Royal Knights – I Need You
  5. The Emulations – These Are The Things
  6. The 6 Degree South – Loving You “Is To Far Out”
  7. Carlos Guzman – Las Cadenas
  8. The Cheaters – I’m A Loser
  9. Double O’s Demingo’s – Color One Tear Black
  10.  The Naturall Band – There Was

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Neil Youdale


Neil Youdale ( Northampton, UK)

1. Goody oswaldo - gonna have my fun

2. Music city soul brothers - looking for my baby

3. Sensational skylarks - soon ah will be done

4. Neal johnson - true to you baby

5. Bobby massaro - takin’ names

6. Frank butler - the love i need

7. The drivers - mr astronaut

8. The troopers - get out

9. Pete terrace - we’re gonna make it baby

10. Big buddy lucas - i cant go

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