Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Cassandra Lee

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Cassandra Lee ( New-Orleans Usa)

Southern Gal turned City Slicker: Rural Georgia>NYC>New Orleans. Fell for old R&B two decades ago, officially thanks to now-local legend of Athens, GA, Kurt Wood, his college station radio show "Who Put the Bomp," house consisting of walls of 45s and Roy Lee Johnson's 'Busybody' and Rosco Gordon's 'Love for you Baby.' Nights: NYC: Switched On! * Smashed!Blocked! * Debutante's Ball * Subway Soul Club * New Orleans: Boogie Real Low * DeftFunk AllOver: ATL's Rhythm n' Booze, Mod Chicago, NC's Federal Soul. Lookin' forward to a down home set of home-turf inspired Southern Soul to nurse hangovers and get folks ready for THE CRUISE around the beautiful coastline of Portugal.

Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Hector Gallegos

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Hector Gallegos – San Antonio, Texas, Usa   

Hector Gallegos is a San Antonio, TX based dj that enjoys collecting Chicano, Sweet Soul and Latin records.  

He began collecting vinyl records in high school, mostly punk and indie records. Through other dj friends he was introduced to rare soul and funk records. Intrigued by the Chicano artists, he pursued to learn about them and collect artists recorded on local record labels. Through collecting and trading he met other like-minded djs in the city and joined several vinyl nights. Including one called Alamo City Soul Club; a vinyl night dedicated to the rare soul and funk. Besides heading this monthly event, he has hosted musical acts such as Archie Bell, Ernie Garibay, Durand Jones and the Indications and Los Skarnales.

Top ten records in heavy rotation

  1. Jason Joshua and the Beholders – Rose Gold        
  2. Webs – Little Girl Blue
  3. The Cold Four – Love and Care
  4. The Royal Knights – I Need You
  5. The Emulations – These Are The Things
  6. The 6 Degree South – Loving You “Is To Far Out”
  7. Carlos Guzman – Las Cadenas
  8. The Cheaters – I’m A Loser
  9. Double O’s Demingo’s – Color One Tear Black
  10.  The Naturall Band – There Was

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Neil Youdale


Neil Youdale ( Northampton, UK)

1. Goody oswaldo - gonna have my fun

2. Music city soul brothers - looking for my baby

3. Sensational skylarks - soon ah will be done

4. Neal johnson - true to you baby

5. Bobby massaro - takin’ names

6. Frank butler - the love i need

7. The drivers - mr astronaut

8. The troopers - get out

9. Pete terrace - we’re gonna make it baby

10. Big buddy lucas - i cant go

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Frank Viphitman


Frank Viphitman ( Hamburg, Germany) Motte Allnighter

Once grandma’s music shack stopped cooking up that lovely soul stew and the illegal dances were truly a thing of the past, the only way to get some of that sweet soul music was to Go West. Suddenly Granny’s crumble pie as well as the crumbling wall made life then oh so very sweet indeed. This time with the ok from the boys in blue and no planned escape route laid out just in case, the Chain Gang Soundsystem and The Northern Soul Family Allnighter in Hamburg were now Right On Brothers!!!! After that, somehow a daytrip to London in 1996 turned into a decade of all kind of silliness. The odd backroom of a restaurant, where all sorts of things were dropped including vegetables & records, was just one of dem shebeens. The last 2 decades were spent either in front, behind but very rarely underneath the decks at many weekenders & allnighters !!!!

Ever changing Top 5:

Soul Superiors - Your love is super good

Kenard What Did - You gain By That

Voltaire’s Movin - Movin On

Brand New Faces - Brand New Faces

Jack Montgomery - Don’t turn Your back on me

Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 David Ripolles

David ripolles

David Ripolles ( Manchester, U.K) Ultimate Choice

I’ve been collecting Soul records of all genres since older friends introduced me to Northern soul in the mid 70’s. My first dj’ing experiences were in Manchester in the 90’s, usually as the warm up, largely playing odd and obscure crossover tunes to bemused middle aged men who really wanted to hear Northern Soul.. From there, the dj’ing bug had well and truly bitten and it was a short step to playing in numerous venues throughout the Midlands and North west of the Uk.

Playing two hour sets in the ‘House of Soul’ at the Prestatyn weekenders over a number of years enabled me to play a wide variety of different genres of music and lead to the style of sets that I like to play today, mixing rare 70’s, Crossover, Modern and funky stuff alongside 60’s and even a touch of disco! Since that time have been lucky enough to be asked to play at venues across Europe at the likes of ‘Black Seed’ in Turku, ‘Hip City’ Berlin; ‘Movin’ on’, Barcelona; ‘Oslo soul Experience’; ‘Soul Shakers ,‘ Bamberg’; Soul Club, Toulouse and The Rimini and Hamburg Soul weekenders, and for four years was resident at the fantastic, and recently resurrected, ‘Runaway Love’ Weekender in Asturias, in Northern Spain. In recent years I have been a co promoter of the ‘Inner Circle ’Soul Club’ , and latterly the ‘Ultimate Choice’ Soul nights which are still going strong in various venues in and around Manchester…. To give you a flavour of the sort of things you might hear me play over the weekend, here are a few from my current playbox….

Love Company- Love Tempo
Frazelle- Today is the Day
Elijah-dont Give Up Hope
Willie and West-Attica Massacre
Little Curtis and The Blues-Please Keep me
Kaldirons-You and Me Baby
Mellow Madness band-Boogie ‘M’
Mixed generation enterprize- Take to the Sky
Jodesha and Star Ride- star ride
Dan Greer-Love is the message

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 John Berchtold

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John Berchtold ( Double Barreled Soul Club, Copenhagen, Denmark)

John Berchtold is one of the driving forces behind the Double Barrelled Soul Club, Absalon Got Soul, Messed Up and the Copenhagen Soul Weekender! He plays Soul, R&b, Ska/Rocksteady, Jump Blues & sometimes Garage, here some records he likes at the moment:

* Little Richie - Just Another Heartache

* The Mighty Dogcatchers - It's gonna Be A Mess pt2

* Chanters - What Are You Doin'

* C. J. And The Sunny C - Caroline

* Ray and the Blue Satins - She doesn't love me

* Roland Alphonso - 20-75

* Jimmie Raney - You Drink Too Much Booze

* Paul Smith - Ain't That Something

* Mamie Perry - Lament

* Eddie Jasper - Lean On Me





Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Lee "Buey" Buers

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Buey ( London, U.K)

As a young mini-mod I started going to Soul/Scooters nights in Bucks and London in about 1983 graduating to nighters about a year later, like many kids in the 80's I was really influenced by the sixties mafia of Keb & Guy but also Adam, Ady, Ian Clarke, Soul Sam and of course Butch. Great venues, nighters most weekends and a mate with a VW Scirocco made for happy days.
My collecting started seriously in 1986 I bought: The commands - Hey It's love and then as a new release: James Cobin & the prime cut. Then House, Acid Jazz and so on took over for a bit... Loved getting back into Northern in the late 90's did a bit of guest DJ-ing, broke things like Lil Mary Staten (on GME) at the 100 club, ran a small night called ARSE > A Rare Soul Evening < in London and generally made a fool of myself at Cleethorpes including a memaorable journey with Al Wilson singing the Snake to me in the 1st class carriage of our train.
Had a few breaks from the scene (kids)(prison) nowadays I collect across the board
Loving the European scene and look back fondly at a blessed life of great moments, great friends and great music - we've had a great crack of the whip and I for one never thought I'd be dancing to the Springers "Nothing's too good for my baby" in a ballroom in Germany when I first heard it in 1984."


My all time top ten...

Melba Moore - Magic touch
Fabulous Impacts - Baby baby I want you
San Francisco GTOs - make up your mind
Mello Souls - We can make it
Jodesha - Star ride
Springers - Nothing's too good for my baby
Magnetics - Lady in green
Florence Trapp - Love came into my life
Buddy Smith - When you Lose the one you love
Go on and laugh - Just bros (sharpees)
Love Warmth & Affection - Talking bout love

Current playbox top ten

China Burton - You don't care
Pages - Heartaches and pain
Melvin Moore - All of a sudden
Theron & Darryl - I was made to love you
Reggie Soul - My world of ecstasy
Skullsnaps - All of a sudden
Pam Bowie - He's all I need to get by
Bonivilles - I'll be right there
Barbara Lynn - Movin on a groove
Marvin Gaye - It's a desperate situation

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with legend Steve Brad Bradley

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Lars Cornelsen

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Lars Cornelsen aka Don Cornel ( Hamburg, Germany) Cole Slaw Rhythm & Ska Club

Just like Joe Turner said „Two Loves Have I“…

…both of them are Soul whether it is from the US continent or from the Isle of Jamaica.

It all began in the late 80s early 90s. There have been scooters, there have been beer and there have been kind of Soul music…actually it was Motown, Atlantic and maybe Stax and some Ska every now and than. Later the scooters vanished but the beer and the music remained. As I was a teenager there wasn’t much money left for records so I started digging the flea markets on Sundays. And like I grow up the soul scene in Germany did. We all started with tunes like „The Snake“ and to me one of the most remarkable tunes of the very early days was Prince Busters „Rough Rider“. At this time I didn’t know the term of „Rocksteady“. But at the end right this kind of music became my passion. Nowadays I’m collecting and playing both kinds of good music…Soul & Reggae!

 Some years ago I had the luck to find my new home in Hamburg the most soulful city of Germany. And I’ve got the opportunity to play my records at some different venues and parties. Today most of the time I’m playing all kinds of Reggae at the regular events likes „The Cole Slaw Club“ and the „Ska Train to Reggae City“ and from time to time I’m allowed to play some of my Northern and Modern gems at different spots. And now last but not least I’m very proud and happy to get part of the wonderful occasion of the 3rd Deep Cliffs Soul Weekender“ which I enjoyed so much over the last two years and that hopefully will be a fixed date in my calendar for many of the next years…
 Run come celebrate - it’s festival time…This Party Got Soul!

TOP 10 …first tunes coming up my mind for any reason…

1. Hopeton Lewis - This Music Got Soul

…kind of ‚my anthem‘

2. Prince Buster - Prince Of Peace

…great mix up of Jamaican music styles. Something like WestIndianSkaSteadyReggaeInnaEarlyRootsStyle

3. The Maytales - Night And Day

…must have floor filler killer diller cheapo

4. Derrick Harriott - Walk The Streets


5. Bobby Ellis - Step Softly

…one of the best two sider ever. An unbelievable cool Rocksteady vocal gem and maybe the smoothest Rocksteady instrumental in my box on the flip

6. The Wailers - Sinner Man aka Zimmerman

…the early Wailers always on top! Killer Roots coloured Ska tune and also a two sider with Let Him Go on the flip side (actually the plug side)

7. Johnny & The Attractions ‎– I’m Moving On

…and again a double a-sided 45 and again the flip is the top tune to me. But surely love Young Wings Can Fly too.

8. Marcia Griffiths - You’re No Good

…deep Jamaican RnB tune…nuff said

9. Delroy Wilson - Once Upon a Time

…Rocksteady evergreen…just a nice little driving piece of music

10. Desmond Dekker - Fu Manchu
…still one of my big wants…offers welcome

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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Imke Keyssler

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Imke Keyssler ( Hamburg, Germany)

Imke Keyssler aka Ada Loveshake is a Hamburg based (rare) soul collector and occasional DJ.
She used to be member of the all-female-deejay-collective «45° Degrees Soul Club Hamburg» with a regular Nighter at Molotow Club Hamburg. She's been deejaying at various european weekenders in recent years, such as Stockholm, Barcelona, Bilbao, Dresden, Lucerne and Hamburg. Nowadays she’s part of the mixed styles radio collective ‚Das Draht’ and hosts her own soul radio show every two months at Hamburg.
She loves and plays all styles of soulful music, 60s as well as 70s and a bit of 80s and contemporary recordings - as long as a tune gets her it needs a place in the box!

Ten current and all-time super love sounds (in no particular order)

  1. Ernie Johnson – Disco Music Keep On Going On (BISCUIT)
  2. Gloria Walker – My Precious Love (PEOPLE)
  3. Bonnevilles - I’ll be Right There (NOW RECORDS)
  4. Lee Williams & Cymbals - Girl From A Country Town (RAPDA)
  5. Village Choir - Sweet Hot Lips (N.Y.C. STREET SOUND)
  6. Pazazz - So Hard To Find (IN-ROADS)
  7. Amercian Standard Band - Morning (STARIZON)
  8. Pamooja - Oooh Baby (KEIPER)
  9. Three Prophets - I Think I Really Love You (TOGETHER)
  10. Kitty Doswell - Just A Face in the Crowd (HES)


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Deep Cliffs Weekender 2018 Keith Money

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Keith Money ( Dundee, U.K) 100 club, Cleethorpes Weekender 


I am from Dundee in Scotland, first DJd at the Claremont Hotel in Edinburgh in the mid  1990s,

I have been lucky to have DJd at lots of venues and weekenders all over the UK and Europe including Cleethorpes, Fleetwood, Prestatyn, Blackpool, Hamburg, Runawaylove (Asturias Spain), Rimini and lots of other venues,

I am also a resident at the 100 Club in London.


Very hard to pick 5 or 10 but some of the records I am playing over the weekend includes,


1 Four Andantes "Hipper than me" Mo Do,

2 Roy Roberts "So much in love" Sugar,

3 The Cytations "Darling you do" Granjun Records,

4 Little Al "Lonely days of my life" Shell Records,

5 The Precious Three "I need a man" Ref-o-ree,

6 Mighty Whites "Im living ny life for you" Unnissued 70s,

7 Sugar Boy and the Shades of Black  "Free man"  Shades,

8 Honey Bs "What love can do" Bs Wax

9 The Intensions "She needs somebody" USA Records

10 The Volumes "Ive never been so in love" Garu